Halloween is the 2nd most popular holiday after Christmas in the United States. Millions of children will be out on the street, dressed in their overpriced costumes, and getting the candy they crave. Here's the problem most parents are facing and have been for years. After being out on a school night, hyped up on sugar, they can't seem to get the kids to bed. No surprise there.

Change.org issued a petition to change the date of Halloween to the last Saturday of the month last year. Their reasoning, Halloween should be a day long celebration, not just one evening.

That was the original goal, now they're saying they want to ADD the last Saturday of the month. Essentially making 2 Halloween's happen. They want it to be called National Trick Or Treat day.

“A day where Americans can participate in community parades, throw neighborhood block parties and opt for daytime Trick or Treating.”


Snickers has even offered to give away one million candy bars if the date is changed.

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