Pizza & beer... they go hand in hand right?  Well Pizza Hut thinks so, as do I for that matter but, I did not expect to see Pizza Hut make it happen. According to a press release Pizza Hut will now test delivering beer along with its usual pizza, wings and soft drinks at 300 of it's restaurants. And just in time for Super Bowl 53. The company has said they hope this with expand their competitive advantage over other restaurants that deliver pizza.

The bad news is that Pizza Huts in Maine are not among the first 300 restaurants to test this new delivery item. But the good news is they plan to grow beer delivery capabilities to 1,000 restaurants across multiple markets by this summer.

And just in case you were wondering if this might be the ideal fix to a teen pizza party that wants to try "adulting"...the pizza chain plans to check IDs at the door, so an adult over 21 will have to pay the delivery driver.

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