As someone who is both paranoid and watches way too many crime shows, I know the worst places to be when the sun goes down on Halloween. Do NOT be in these places on Halloween night.


  • Parking Garages- whatever you do, avoid these at all costs. This is where people either find the dead body, or become the dead body.


  • Cemeteries- What the HECK are you doing going to a cemetery at night anyway?


  • Barns- Barns are sketchy at night anyways, let alone that is the go to place for serial killers take their victims for the seclusion according to television.


  • Dirt Roads- Do not pick up hitchhikers, even if you know them, avoid places where light is non existent.


  • The beach- It might be fun to sneak away with your friends to the beach, but don't do it. You don't know what lurks under the waves.


  • Camp- not sure why you would be at camp right now, but there is an entire sub genre of horror movies telling you why this is a bad idea.


  • The woods- This kind of ties into camp, if you are camping do not leave the campsite! Have you never seen a movie??


  • The hospital- this one is a good place to avoid anytime. But if you must go to the hospital, make sure it's always lit up.


  • and finally do not go ANYWHERE ALONE