If you are the parent of a teen, you have probably noticed that your kid's activity level changes a lot during the summer.  During the school year, they are running all over the school, participating in sports, and maybe even doing some kind of active extracurricular activity - like dance or gymnastics.

In many cases, those activities end during the summer.  Your teen probably spends a lot more time watching movies and playing video games.

Well, New England based gym chain Planet Fitness wants to do something about that!

According to a post on the chain's website, they are going to be offering free memberships to teens this summer.  While the headline mentions Maine, the deal is good at all participating Planet Fitness locations, regardless of where they are located.

Between May 15th and August 31st, teens between the ages of 14 and 19 can sign up for a free membership.  The membership allows the teens to use the fitness center as much as they want during the membership period.  These free memberships come with no strings attached and there is no requirement to pay for anything.

The goal, of course, is to get the kids to continue to have a membership after the free membership ends.  If you love going to the gym, the rates at Planet Fitness are some of the best that you are going to find.  On average, they are only about $10 per month.

In addition to the free teen memberships, they are also going to be awarding one lucky high school student at $200,000 scholarship.

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Google Maps Pics Show Us How Much Augusta Has Changed In The Last Two Decades

These photos show how Augusta has changed in the last two decades. Do you remember shopping, doing business, eating, or drinking at some of these now gone businesses?

Please note that some of these address may have changed.

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