The Holiday’s mean family, family means getting together, getting together means one too many relatives you’d rather not see. It happens every year as family gathers for meals and gatherings; one or two relatives make one of their classic faux pas. Now there’s a game to play called ‘Dysfunctional Family Bingo’ that allows you and your partner to have a little fun during family visits. The idea comes from Detroit psychologist Amy Johnson and the game is fairly easy.

You and your partner make up bingo cards but instead of using numbers use family annoying event pictures that you believe will happen during the family gathering. Make a picture of Uncle Joe getting drunk, Aunt Sue tripping over the rug, Cousin Mark passing gas at the table. It's a game only the two of you knows about but according to Johnson, it’s therapeutic and can help you deal with ‘certain’ family members.

The Wall Street Journal

Getty Images, photo by Matt Cardy