According to an article on the KJ website, a man was arrested after a lengthy standoff with the Maine State Police on North Pond Road in Winslow.

The article explains that the standoff began at around 11 AM on Wednesday, but did not end until late Wednesday evening.

Reports indicated that there were about a dozen first-responder vehicles parked near the home where the man was barricaded.  These included vehicles from the Maine State Police tactical unit, an ambulance, and local fire trucks.

At about 6 PM, police could be heard using a public address system to urge the man to give up and leave the home.

Just after 7 PM, the man reportedly stepped outside the home.  The article explains that he was carrying a baseball bat and a knife.  He yelled at the police but refused to give up.  After a few minutes, he re-entered the home.

The article goes on to say that, a short while later, he stepped outside again.  This time, it was to turn on the porch light.

Again, he refused to surrender and re-entered the house.

Just before 8 PM, a loud bang could be heard, and police could reportedly be heard telling the man to drop the weapons and stop moving.  Members of the Maine State Police tactical team could be seen approaching the home.

A few minutes later, members of the Maine State Police were seen escorting the man down the driveway.

The man's identity has not been released, and there is no word on what sparked the standoff.

*NOTE - All suspects are considered innocent until being found guilty in a court of law

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