In my younger years, when I was far from being financially stable, I came close (on several occasions) to having my car repossessed.  Given the fact that I had a young family and did not live within walking distance of my workplace, this would have been awful.  Fortunately, I had people in my corner that helped me through the issue.

Had it come down to it, I would have surrendered the vehicle.  Other people are not so honest.  I have heard stories of people who have gone to great lengths to prevent a vehicle from being repo'd.  these are the people that keep repo men (and women) in business.

Now, it looks like one auto maker could soon have a system that would allow vehicles to repossess themselves.

According to WABI, Ford has filed for patent for a device (or series of devices) that would make it nearly impossible to continue to use a vehicle that needs to be repossessed.

Kento Hirasue / Unsplash
Kento Hirasue / Unsplash

According to the article, when a vehicle was up for repossession, the first step would be for certain features to be turned off.  It would start with minor things, like the radio, but quickly move on to more important features like the air conditioning, GPS, and cruise control.

Eventually, the vehicle would refuse to turn on.  In the future, it would also be possible that the vehicle may drive itself to a place where a repo crew could pick it up or even drive right to the impound lot.  The article also notes that, if the vehicle was deemed to be worth less than the repossession would cost, it could even drive itself to the junk yard.

It sounds like a joke, but it is apparently a real thing they are working on.

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