For nearly sixty years, Larson's Lunchbox has been a staple of the Damariscotta community.

For the last sixteen years, the eatery has been operated by Billy and Barb Ganem.  Now, the husband and wife team have decided to call it a day.

As the restaurant is normally open until the end of September, the announcement that they would be closing on August 8th came as quite a surprise to many.

According to the Lincoln County News, several factors led up to the closure.  One of the main reasons was the increased minimum order from one of their main suppliers.  The minimum jumped 250% from $400 to $1,000.  As a smaller restaurant, this was bound to cause some issues.

One of the other reasons was the passing of Billy's sister.  Sadly, she contracted COVID-19 and passed away.

Originally, they had intended to stay open through September 30th and then put the business up for sale.  Following the passing of his sister and the stress of the last few years, their hearts just weren't in it.  At that point, they decided it was time to call it quits.

Over the years, they have made numerous improvements to the six decades old business.  They added prep and storage space and, in 2019, the place got a colorful makeover.

The Ganems hope that someone will come along and purchase the place from them.

If you have gift cards that contain a remaining balance, or you'd like information about purchasing the business, you can reach out to them at

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