Ben Affleck has officially said goodbye to the caped crusader, therefore we must move on to the next man to take up the mantle. The question on everyone's mind: who can handle the grittiness of one of the most renowned heroes of all time? Here are my picks for the next actor to play Bruce Wayne:

Jon Hamm:


Don Draper himself has made it clear on multiple occasions that he would love to play Bruce Wayne, and he is on the top of most people's lists to take over the role. He has the looks and the acting chops to take over the character and really dig in to the role.

Michael C. Hall


Most well known as the serial killer Dexter on the hit Showtime show of the same name, Michael C. Hall would be a great choice for the part. He obviously can play the dark side of the dark knight, but I could very easily see him portraying the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne just as easily.

Armie Hammer


Armie Hammer is actually the closest actor to the role of Batman, he was second in line to take on the role before it went to Ben Affleck. His name has been on a shortlist to play many superheroes over the years for both DC movies and Marvel. His most well known performance came as both Winklevoss twins in the Social Network and he showed off his action skills in The Man from U. N. C. L. E.

Ian Anthony Dale


This is probably the most out of left field choice, he is by far the least well known of the actors and casting him would be a huge risk due to the fact that he is of asian decent and comic book fans lose their mind over casting decisions like this, but I have honestly thought he'd make a great Bruce Wayne since he first appeared as a guest character on Hawaii Five-0 6 years ago. He is best known for playing Adam Noshimuri who is now a member of the Five 0 task force which has allowed him to show his skills as an action star and as a business man since that is how he was first portrayed.

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