The worlds largest Viking Ship made in modern times was docked in Boothbay Harbor this past weekend and I got to check it out. They told me the name multiple times and I still can't pronounce it, but I had a great time checking the ship out.


This is what the ship looks like from the front, It stands at 76 ft tall, 60 ft wide, and 125 feet long, and is quite impressive once you see it. It took nearly 2 years to make, and they still are making improvements to this day.


This is the top deck of the ship, ahead you see the large orange canopy, that is where the 30 crew member sleep. Taking turns in shifts of 15 half stays awake making sure everything is okay with the ship, while the others try their best to sleep. There is also a cooking unit down there for food.

Ship Mast

The ships mast, as stated before, stands at 76 ft tall, and is basically the core to the ship. This is actually not the original mast, the first one they had actually fell over back when it was first made. It took an extra 3 weeks to get a new mast made and another month to install it.

The Draken will be in Plymouth Massachusetts July 17-20th, then in Rockland Maine from the 22nd-25th, followed by a stop in Portland from the 27th-30th.

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