After 3 months of Mac N Cheese, microwave dinners, and fast food, I decided it was time for me to learn to cook. So yesterday, I went to the store, bought myself a filet. After getting some advice from the best cook I know, AKA my momma. I bought what I needed, seasoning, some instant mashed potatoes, olive oil for the pan, and I was set.

I took the items home, a little nervous, never really cooked before but I knew this was something I had to figure out. I made a blunder right away, putting the olive oil on before I heated up the pan. So after it heat up a plume of smoke took over so I freaked out and ran the fan. After it cleared I figured out what I did wrong, and by figured out, I mean, I called my mom and she told me. So I cooked the steak, and I’m not going to lie, it was edible. A little over cooked but for my first try I am not complaining.

Keep up to date with my cooking endeavors next week as I Cook my first piece of chicken.

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