It was, just over, two years ago when Renee and I got our tattoos from InkSlingrz in Augusta.  Prior to that, we were both tattoo virgins.  Joe, the head artist and owner, calmed our fears and proceeded to leave a permanent impression on our skin.  Now, a couple years later...guess who's ready for more?

Watch us get inked...

I am ready to head back and satisfy my need for another tattoo.  I'm so excited.  It's all set up and ready to go for my Birthday in April!  But, this time I'm doing it in a very sensitive spot.  NO!  Not THERE!  Or THERE!  I'm doing it on my spine.  My spine is near impossible to touch due to nerves and reflexes from various conditions.  But that's where I want it!  Sarah wants what Sarah wants.  This should be fun!

The tattoo will have special meaning to me, thus worth the pain and agony I will endure.  Here's what it will be.  But, obviously, will have my kids names and the iconic hidden Mickey Mouse that ALL my tattoos have to have!

courtesy of Pinterest


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