So, I just finished reading the article at about an event coming up in Waterville.  It is called 'Drag Queen Story Hour'.  From what the story said the owner of the store where this is to be held, The Children's Book Celler,  is getting some backlash and negative feedback on the event.

Wish I could say I was surprised, but I am not.

Story Hour is all part of the 2019 events from Central Maine Pride and the upcoming Central Maine Pride Festival.

As for the 'Drag Queen Story Hour' kerfuffle...honestly...I just don't get it. This is story time and then the kiddos get to make crowns and wands. (Heck...for that alone I may go! Do you think they will let me make a crown and wand for myself?!) In the story at the owner of the story says it is about 'promoting diversity and educating people on the LGBTQ community'. To that I say GROOVY!

AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT.... I AM TOTALLY OK WITH THAT is very simple solution...just don't come to the event!  :)

(My apologies for any typos or what have you....dang...4am is early to have a melt down!)


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