With everything going on, it may be kind of hard to believe that we are just a few days from Christmas.  Soon, your family will be gathering to open gifts, have some drinks, and eat a great meal.

Of course, to have that big meal, someone needs to sacrifice their holiday in order to cook.  Depending on how fancy your Christmas dinner is, the person (or, people) cooking the meal could end up having to spend five or six hours in the kitchen.  That’s no fun.

Instead, why not take the entire family out for dinner?  That way, everyone in your family can enjoy Christmas.

Not sure what’s open on Christmas?  We’re here to help with that.  We’ve put together a list of Maine restaurants that will be open for the holiday.

Keep in mind that some of the restaurants on our list are open for Christmas, some are open for Christmas Eve, and some are open both.  Also, some of these establishments will require reservations.  It never hurts to call ahead.

Maine Restaurants Open For The Christmas Holiday

Not feeling the love for cooking? These restaurants will be open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both. If you know of a restaurant we should add to our list, send a message to cooper.fox@townsquaremedia.com

Keep in mind that the establishments on the above list may have been affected by the aftermath of Monday’s storm.  So, please make sure you call ahead and/or keep an eye on their Facebook pages for updates.

We tried to offer you a mix of restaurants from around the state.  Augusta, Waterville, Portland, Bangor, etc.

Are there any missing from our list?  Let us know by sending a message inside our app or by emailing cooper.fox@towsquaremedia.com  Thanks for your help in making our list as complete as possible.

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