With summer quickly approaching, and many of the attractions that Maine families flock to closed for the year, we want to provide you with some alternatives.

If your family is fairly active, one of the day trips that you need to make this summer is to the largest waterfall in Maine.  Actually, it is one of the largest waterfalls in New England.

Located in the township of Moxie Gore, Moxie Falls is a short drive from most of Central Maine.  The first part of the hike features an easily walked gravel trail.  There is a steeper section as you near the falls but, at the falls, there is a series of wooden stairways and walkways to help you traverse the rocky area around the waterfall.

To get there, take Rt 201 north through Skowhegan.  About fifty miles out of Skowhegan, you'll come to the small town of The Forks.  As you enter the village, turn right onto Lake Moxie Road.  The turn is right before you cross the bridge over the Kennebec River. There is a rest area a short ways down the road. The trailhead is located approximately 2.3 miles further on this road on the left.

Get more details about the hike from the Maine Trail Finder website.

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