I'm a Groupon Junkie. I've tried some fantastic new restaurants and classes, gone on cruises in Casco Bay and booked last minute rooms all found on Groupon so when I saw Shannon Bryan post about a great find on Groupon on her Fit Maine Website I knew I had to bounce over and check it out. She was going to be rappelling down a waterfall in New Hampshire. Shannon makes everything she does look easy and inviting.

Keep in mind that I love to be outdoors and in nature, I frequent trails in Maine and New Hampshire with my dogs and that I'm in relatively good shape for a 46 year old woman but, I have never hiked one of the 4000 foot mountains to the top nor have I ever rappelled from anything in my life, at least not on purpose. I also dislike being in water higher than my waist and can't swim to save my life so one has to ask "What the hell are you thinking?"

When I saw Shannon's post I was coming off a relationship breakup that left me angry, hurt and, oddly enough, inspired. This man, who both angered and fascinated me, had once mentioned that he had rappelled down a waterfall in Ecuador. Being the competitive woman that I am, I immediately knew that I too had to rappel down a waterfall when I saw that it was an option close to home. I hopped on Groupon and proceeded to book an adventure for two (surely I could find someone to go with me or force the kid to go) and anxiously put it off all summer until the last weekend available.

Timeout.com lists this as a 'Top extreme outdoor adventure in America.'  I didn't really see that accolade until after I bought the adventure. I don't consider myself to be an extremist of anything.

So tonight, as I watch the video at Northeast Mountaineering, I'm wondering what the hell I was thinking? I've always pushed myself outside my comfort zone in life but mostly in social situations, business and the other "non life threatening" ways like traveling the country solo, traveling abroad, eating raw cookie dough, etc.  I'm scared and excited and nervous but most of all I'm afraid I'll back out at the last minute and disappoint myself. I've been in touch with Brett Fitzgerald at Northeast Mountaineering and I've filled out the waiver of liability. I've talked to the person going with me (yes, I found someone) who is also, after watching the video, slightly trepidatious but I know we can do this.

And so this weekend I will be in Glen, NH conquering fear, moving outside my comfort zone and proving to myself that I truly can do anything.  We'll give you the full details of the adventure Saturday.



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