Normally, getting to the most-beautiful places in Maine requires you to leave your vehicle and take a lengthy hike down a trail or through the woods.  Normally, but not always.

There is a picturesque waterfall in Central Maine that you can see from your car!  Yes, you can practically drive right up to this amazing natural wonder!

According to Only In Your State, Coos Canyon is just off Route 17 in Byron, Maine!  It's a short drive from Farmington.

The canyon, carved by the Swift River, is a quick walk from the parking area.  And, while it doesn't have a massive waterfall, there is a good 15' drop.

In the summer, it's a great place to take a dip and cool off.  This time of year, the changing foliage make the views spectacular!

It's about an hour's drive from anywhere in Central Maine, but worth the trip.

The fact that you can see the waterfall right from your car makes this trip a great option for anyone with very small children.  It also makes a great road trip you can take with your elderly parents or grandparents.

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