After spending 76 hours living in a kennel with Max and Scooby to raise money for the second chance fund, Roadhouse Lou developed a serious bond with these two 7 year old brothers. Actually, everybody who stopped by the Kennebec Valley Humane Society last week and met these 2 laid back guys fell instantly in love with them.

And we are happy to announce, both were adopted last Friday to the same home.

The Kennebec Valley Humane Society announced last week on their Facebook page:

The boys are loaded up and heading to their new home, 90 acres, 6 cat siblings, and 17 year old geese! These two will definitely be missed here at KVHS. We can't thank Roadhouse Lou enough for making their last days here so wonderful!

Thanks to the second chance fund, Max will be getting his hip surgery soon, and he and Scooby will have lots of room to roam around and make new friends.

Outstanding news. We love happy endings!



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