Looking for a last-minute gift for your immediate family, your cousin in Pennsylvania, or that guy at work who has five kids?  Why not get them a membership to Sam’s Club?

The sister retail chain of Walmart, Sam’s Club is known for selling things in balk, like giant crates of ramen, gallon jugs of mayo, and ten-pound bags of frozen chicken tenders.  But, Sam’s Club is more than just those bulk food items.  The store has patio furniture, BBQ grills, fragrances, TVs, tablets, smartwatches, fragrances, clothing, and more.

Personally, one of my favorite things about the chain is the café.  The food counter has pizza, hot dogs, soft pretzels, frozen yogurt, and churros.  It is a really quick places to get lunch and it is cheap.  The kids and I can have a full lunch for less than $10!

Of course, you can also save big on fuel at the Sam’s Club locations that have fuel pumps.

Emil Kalibradov, unsplash
Emil Kalibradov, unsplash

Of course, there is a membership requirement to access Sam’s Club.  Normally, a basic Sam’s Club membership is $50.  The “plus” membership is just over $100 per year.

According to WMTW, through the end of 2023, you can save big on both the basic memberships and the plus membership.

From now through December 31, a basic membership only costs $25 (some websites are saying only $20, btw).  The plus membership, which is normally $110 per year, can be purchased for just $60.

Keep in mind that each membership comes with a free membership that can be given to another member of your household.  So if you are buying it for yourself, both you and your significant other can have a membership.

If you are interested, you can get more details from the Sam’s Club website.

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