He certainly is a star, in my eyes.  What a game Dustin (and the rest of the Cony Rams) played, on Friday, during the Cony/Skowhegan game.  Cony lost 14-13.  But still...it was a GREAT game.  And yes, that was me...with the cowbell!  There's a story behind the bell...

Dustin played so well, that the Kennebec Journal wrote about it in their High School Football Notebook:

Cony unleashed a secret weapon of sorts in its 14-13 loss to Skowhegan. Receiver Dustin Dyer, a standout on the track team, caught three passes for 123 yards, the first a 60-yard deep pass down the left sideline in the second quarter, the second an in-cut for 9 yards and the third a 54-yard go route late in the third that would have gone for a touchdown if not for a saving tackle by Colby Miller at the 13-yard line.

Proud parent moment.

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