I went to bed with a clean house.  The Elf on the Shelf isn't visiting our house this year.  So, to my surprise, when I came out of my room this morning to a MESS!  My first reaction was to scream 'Who made this mess???'...but I didn't.  It's 3am...everyone is sleeping.  I quickly discovered the culprits.  But after further investigating...there's no way it could have been them.  Do I have a ghost?

Naughty Milo

Initially looking around...the criminals sitting on the evidence...it HAS to be Kitty 1 & Kitty 2.  But, how on earth did they get it up in the Christmas tree without knocking it over or moving a single ornament.  It's like organized chaos.

I'll never know what really happened or where they found streamers.


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