This story absolutely cracks me up.  Here's the long & short of it.  My son and his 'friend' were at the Augusta skate park Wednesday evening.  The girl he brought with him wanted to learn how to skate.  Well, I'm certain she's regretting that decision now.

Her first attempt on the board, she fell...HARD.  My son has witnessed many bad injuries as a result of to be safe, he called 911.  One specific EMT/Paramedic, apparently, was certain she was fine...told her to toughen up...even bet her $20 it was just a sprain.

Well, sir...she'll take your bet.  Her leg is broken in 3 places.  When you make a bet, you need to keep your end of the deal.  :)  Thank you for doing what was in her best interest and taking her to the hospital.  

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