If you haven't explored the world of Pinterest, what are you waiting for?  This website has taught me how to make a 5 course meal with only 3 ingredients.  It has taught me  how to make apple-pie using blueberries.  I learned how to make an Elsa costume for my daughter using an old towel, a few rubber bands & a shower cap.  I'm Mommy MacGyver.

I've also resorted to  using Pinterest to find solutions to make cleaning easier.  I came upon a gem of a find.  My microwave is...was...probably the messiest one in Maine.  6 kids using it.  Splatters and spills and explosions are the first thing you see when I open my microwave.  But thanks to Pinterest, I was able to get my microwave sparkling clean without even scrubbing.  Watch the videos to see how:




Martha Stewart and Julia Childs...they've got nothing on Pinterest!

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