Earlier this year, Natalie Tortorella (from The Study Hall) visited us at the Morning Buzz.  Natalie explained what the Study Hall, located in Manchester, is and how she is helping students in the community with a great discount on our Seize the Deal.  Excited with what she shared, I immediately hoped on this deal.  Here's how my experience has been.

My son, Cody, has struggled his entire school career with his work.  It has been an emotional ordeal.  Without many options left, Cody was looking at retention this year and redoing the 8th grade.  Desperately wanting him to move forward with his academics, I arranged for him to see Natalie at the Study Hall.  Cody has been going once a week for a few months.

Cody's failing grades have not only gone up to passing grades, but they are all A's.  As a result, Cody's confidence has gone up.  His studies aren't so overwhelming, anymore, and he enjoys seeing Natalie on a weekly basis.  To help him continue with his progress, we will continue to send him through the summer months.

If you have a child struggling...or even if they just need a little extra help...or even need to study for SAT's...look into our Seize the Deal for the Study Hall and go see Natalie and her staff.  You will see immediate results.

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