We all know that aside from serving your country, there are major perks to joining the military. One of the biggest draws they offer is tuition help. For active duty personnel, they offer, free money for college classes, this is not a loan and does not affect GI Bill benefits. However, it is given with command approval to ensure that mission is met first.

Assistance Cap:

-$250.00 per semester hour

-$4500.00 per fiscal year

-The School MUST be accredited

Military Academic Skills Program:

-Offers improvement in academic skills such as, math, reading, writing, and communication.

Military Apprenticeship Program:

-124 trades offering apprenticeship certifications

-144 hour of classroom instruction required for every 2000 hours

-Since trades require 2,000-10,000 hrs of on the job training, a military member working 8 hours can get the 2000 hours needed in 1 year.

GI Bill

-Optional Participation

-Contributed $100 per month for 12 months

-Receives 36 months of full time educational benefits worth $61,812 a year at $1,717 per month

-Benefits expire after 10 years of active duty.

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