It's been a big year for Scotty McCreery musically, but nothing could top what's coming next: Fatherhood. The country singer and his wife, Gabi, are expecting their first child together, a son, and McCreery can't stop thinking about it.

"It's constantly on my mind," he tells People. "I'm so excited. I'm so nervous. I'm so everything. Every feeling that's out there, that's what I'm feeling right now."

Couple the baby news with his smash hit "Damn Strait" and you've got one happy former American Idol winner.

"I've known since February that I'm gonna be a father by the end of the year," he reveals. "And then having my biggest song with 'Damn Strait' at the same time, I don't think I've stopped smiling all year."

He's even noticed a difference at his shows: The energy from the audience has been bigger, especially when it's time to play his George Strait-inspired single.

"The crowds are bigger, they're more energetic," McCreery shares. "This has probably been the best summer we've had as far as headlining shows. As soon as we tease 'Damn Strait' with the music, everybody's up. Their phones are going up. They're smiling. They're elbowing their neighbors. It's been pretty cool."

However, as enticing as the tour atmosphere can be, there is one downside: Leaving home. Before Gabi became pregnant, McCreery was just saying goodbye to his wife and dog, Moose. These days it feels a little more heart-wrenching, he admits.

"It's getting tougher and tougher to leave home," he reveals. "My wife and my dog drop me off at the airport and we hug and kiss goodbye. And now she's got a bump, and it's like I'm saying goodbye to three instead of just two."

If it's tough now, just wait until their baby boy arrives in a few weeks — McCreery says baby is due in early November, with the possibility of his son coming on Halloween. Right now, the "Five More Minutes" singer has shows scheduled through February 10. The soon-to-be father has not mentioned postponing any shows at this point.

So, it's all systems go preparing for their bundle to joy — something the singer says he feels good about.

"We've been painting away, and we just did some board and batten on one wall," he says. "The crib's up, the dresser's up. If the baby came today, I'd feel comfortable with the nursery."

His confidence is boosted by his wife, who is a pediatric nurse — working with babies is something she does daily.

"I tell her all the time I'm thankful," he shares. "I'm gonna do my part, but if the baby coughs, I'm gonna be like, are we OK? And she'll be like, we're fine. She'll be able to calm my nerves, I think, more than anything."

Like any father-to-be, McCreery has been envisioning what he will be like as a dad and his hopes for his son.

"I want to strike that balance of he's my best friend, but I'm also his father," McCreery says. "I'm there to help him, try to raise him to be a strong, respectful man."

"I cannot wait to take him to the ball field," he adds. "And I want to just do all the little things: take him fishing, take him to church on Sunday, all the things I grew up loving. But he's gonna be his own person. Whatever he loves, I'm gonna be his biggest supporter."

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