It is no secret that many of our public schools lack the needed funding.  Because of this, many teachers end up spending their own money on stuff they need for their classrooms.

It is not the high tech and super expensive things they have trouble getting.  Thanks to federal grants, things like Smart Boards and high end laptops are readily available.

What teachers need help getting, and often end up buying themselves, are the basics.  Things like paper, markers, crayons, glue, etc.  There is a reason why we see teacher's posting their Amazon wish lists on social media each summer.

It now looks like Maine Senator Angus King wants to help teachers.

According to WGME, he is proposing some of the tax deduction rules regarding purchases made by teachers and educators.  Currently, the federal tax deduction for spending your own money on school supplies is $300.  Senator King has introduced a bill that would more than triple what can be claimed.

If it passes, teachers would be able to claim as much as $1,000!

For the sake of our educators, and all school children, we hope his bill passes.

Really, when you compare that amount of money to deductions given to people who have solar panels, people who need repairs to their whaling boats (if they are Native American), people who have a swimming pool for medical purposes, and kidnapped children.  Right?  Check out more strange tax deductions from the Kars4Kids website.

It could be quite some time before we find out whether or not the bill passes.  In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes open for teachers posting their wish lists on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter (errr X?).

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