18 years ago today the world changed.

The kiddos born 18 years ago today are now becoming adults.

So, 18 years later on Sept 1 John and I went to New York City and visited lower Manhattan to see Freedom Tower, the memorials on the north and south tower sites and see how the area as a whole has come back to life but has not forgotten what happened September 11, 2001.

18 years.

There was a firefighter identified and laid to rest this week from the attacks that happened in New York City 18 years ago.  343 firefighters died that day. CNN added, to date only about 60% of 2,753 people who died that day have been positively identified from the World Trade Center.  AND let us not forget the plane that went into the Pentagon where 184 people died. AND the 40 people who took down Flight 93 in Shanskville, PA from the four hijackers headed to Washington DC.

I had been to New York City in June 2001 and had been in the World Trade Center’s Windows On The World bar. I was able to see that view again, I was at the top of Freedom Town recently.  It is so high up the Statue of Liberty looks SO tiny!  I also had been to NYC in 2002 and it was a mess.  It took them years to clean up ‘Ground Zero’.

The area looks wonderful. But let us never forget that day.

Freedom Tower 2019


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