I made my wish AGAIN yesterday and it came true right away!

What? Have you NEVER made a wish at 11:11?  Randy has NEVER heard of it!

But see what wish came true for me on Easter Sunday!

Anderson is on vacation in Florida with his dad their family. Before he left, he told me he would not only take a picture of himself smiling just for Mama (I love that he thought of that!) but he said he would call me, too!

On Easter Sunday, Chad, the kids and I were on our way to his parents in Turner for an Easter egg hunt and dinner. I looked at the clock and it changed to 11:11. I automatically asked for my wish!

I've been making wishes on 11:11 since I was a kid. They say that when 11:11 happens, it makes the world align and a spirit's presence is close to you. 11:11 happens more times than can be explained. So, I once again, decided to send my wish up.

My wish: For Anderson to call me.

And it happened...before I was even finished with my wish!

Anderson said he was in Florida and it was warm. He said he would take a picture of himself smiling in front of his Hershey bar when they went to Hershey Park on the way home.

With an 'I LOVE YOU' and a 'Goodbye' this was one happy Mama.

Do YOU make wishes at 11:11?

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