I know some people don't think of them as family but in our family...Pets ARE family!

In the past year and a half, my family has had to say goodbye to dear members of our family.

Just recently, Sammy.

We are more of a cat family than dog. I used to have 6 cats at one time but we are down to just 2, Pumpkin and Beanie.

Sammy was my sister Wendy's cat. They live in Florida and he was put down yesterday. 'Sammy Whammy' was awesome! And many years ago, Tiger, Bunnie, Datsun her dogs had to go to Heaven, too.

My sister, Audrey, has also lost a few of her fur babies. Arpeggio, Orki and Pockets have all made their way to Rainbow Bridge.

My roommate, Amber, lost her dog, Ronan just over a year ago.

I really consider pets as part of the family. My cat, Rainbow, was the first pet I ever had. She lived 18 years and passed away just after high school. I have also lost Joy, Pooh and Puddin. It's not easy to lose someone who has been in your life for so many years providing you comfort and smiles when you come home.

I believe that pets go to Heaven, too. That they are all running around or lying in the sunshine. It's never easy to lose a pet but I hope owners have comfort knowing their beloved companions are out of pain and smiling down on them.