Today is the last day of 2012. As I'm listening to Brad Paisley's 'Letter To Me,' I wish I could have written myself a letter years ago to help me through life. I, like everyone else, have made mistakes but the good thing about them is that I've learned from them.

On Facebook, there is an app that takes all of your 'biggest' events and put them in your year of review. Well, all of my biggest events aren't on a computer generated list.

If we do it chronologically, I received my first kiss at midnight New Year's Eve from Chad. It was the start of not only a new year but a new life.

I was part of the soft opening for the new Waterville Opera House. What an honor it was to stand beside some of the most incredible actors and actresses to ever grace that stage. I can't wait to audition for a musical!

In March, I was divorced for the second time. Luckily, we parted as friends and still talk every once in a while. What's the point in carrying a grudge? Life goes on. Let things go and start anew. Be happy for the other person.

Also, in March, I played 'The Cat in the Hat' for Anderson's school, Fairfield Primary. Pictures of us made the paper. The BEST picture was him watching me and having a HUGE smile on his face! Best. Pic. Ever!

Anderson played T-Ball for the first time. He was so good at it!  It was also the first time he ever got hit in the face with a ball. UGH!  He was a trooper. I think baseball is his sport.

I copywrited my first original song 'Good 'Ol Country Boys' that I hope to put on an album in 2013 with my band Sharon Buck and Dixon Road.

Chad and I took our first vacation together with our friends, Rick and Rita Turcotte of Leeds. What fun we had!  I've never laughed so hard just traveling to a destination. Chad put his feet in the ocean for the very first time and I was there to see it! We also sang karaoke for the first time together. So did Rick. I think he's hooked now!

I was part of Borderline Express when we opened for Eddie Money. We were the opening opening act and I was ecstatic to do it! My next goal is to be the OPENING act for an act. I just have to keep dreaming because dreams come true!

I was honored to play Dolly Parton in '9 to 5:The Musical' at Lakewood Theater in Madison. What a great show! Can't wait until next year to hopefully, hit the stage again!

I sang 'God Bless America' at Fenway Park!  Chad, Anderson and Amber were all there.  My parents saw the paper and couldn't believe their eyes when I made the front page.  They were so excited I called them after I did it because they were watching. It didn't air on TV but it did air on the radio. We were able to show them a video of it. I know I had the entire state of Maine with me that day. I was so proud to represent the state I love so much!

I attended the Great Falls Balloon Festival for the very first time! I had never seen a hot air balloon up close and to see them inflate and take off into the sky was amazing!

I formed my own band, Sharon Buck and Dixon Road. We played our first gig in October and have an entire year's schedule for 2013!

I hit a moose! That was the scariest thing to ever happen to me! Luckily, I was okay but my car was totaled. My new used car, my 2002 Volkswagen Passat Wagon is the cat's meow. I love ths car!

I was awarded the Bill Clements Memorial Award from DECMA. What an honor! I enjoy country music and helping bands get the word out. I love my job!

I was in a music video!  My original song 'Good 'Ol Country Boys' now has a video! Chad was my cowboy and I can't wait for years from now to look back on it and say "Boy, we were young, so in love and in good shape!"

More good things than bad have happened this year. It's always better to remember the good things and learn from the bad. With 2012 coming to a close, all I can say is, "Here's to old and here's to the new. I hope 2013 will be kind to you."  It's going to be an incredible year! I get to see Anderson grow even more, Brad and Jayden, too! More firsts will happen with Chad and we will see our music develop and play new gigs in new places and meet new people!

This coming year I have set goals. You might call them resolutions but I call them goals!  #1: Complete a half marathon
#2: Record an album of originals with Dixon Road
#3: Play a gig out of state
#4: Take all the kids on vacation to Hershey Park
#5: Be in the best shape of my life
#6: Play guitar on stage
#7: Throw a party
#8: Visit Nashville, Tennessee

What are YOUR aspirations and dreams for 2013? DREAM BIG! You never know what might happen! They might come true!

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