The New Year’s Eve celebration in the United States and other parts of the world in on December 31st, but not all countries celebrate New Year’s on that date.  The Chinese New Year takes place in late January or early February.

During the Chinese New Year people dress in bright colored clothing and follow a Dragon that leads the parade. Fireworks are used because it is said the Dragon sleeps most of the year so the noise will keep it awake.

In Russia, the Orthodox Church celebrates the New Year on January 14th which is a religious holiday. The rest of the country celebrates as we do on December 31 with fireworks, food and festivals.

Indonesia celebrates two New Year’s, the one on January 1st and the other on the Islamic New Year, whose date varies from year to year.

Iran celebrates thier New Year on March 21.

In Korea they celebrate New Year’s the first three days of January.

The traditional New Year’s Eve kiss has been around a long time, it is believed the person you kiss is one you hope to keep kissing.

Happy New Year!

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