One fo our great community partners is Snow Pond Community Arts. They truly go above and beyond to bring amazing accessibility of high impact arts and music programs to people of all ages and incomes at community centers in central Maine, throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Sponsored by Kennebec Savings Bank, Snow Pond music instructor Ben Bowman has been meeting the current challenge via outdoor music instruction, FaceTime and whatever it takes to stay connected and inspire teens at the South End Teen Center  in Waterville. Ben is just one of many members behind the scenes that work to keep Snow Pond Community Arts in focus for students who long for a arts and music education.

Snow Pond Community Arts recently put together a new program called Learn to Own, which is where interested students will be trusted with a loaned instrument which is theirs to use while participating in the program. And then upon successful completion of the program, that includes attending a required number of virtual music lessons, demonstration of instrument care, and a final music project, these teens will become the owner of a musical instrument. It's a goal with a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Experience has shown that accomplishment through musical endeavors and pride of ownership have a major impact!

If you would like to find out more information on the "Learn to Own" program, or to help with this amazing effort, by donating gently used electric bass guitars, electronic drum kits and electric guitars, please contact Christine Durgin, director,

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