It's've been locked down for the better part of a year, you're looking forward to moving around, getting out or even... maybe even going somewhere....anywhere, right?

Southwest Airlines wants to make plans with you, so to start the new year they have kicked off their "Shiny Sales Fares" with flights as low as $29!

You'll need to act fast as this is a four-day sale (ending Thursday) but with fares starting at $29 one way for travel into the spring it's worth taking a peek to see if you can grab some of these excellent deals. Let's face it, at $29 and up it's cheaper to fly than drive.
For example you can grab a nonstop flight from Portland (PWM) to Washington/Baltimore for $39! You'll pay more than that in tolls!

Yes there is some fine print  like the cheapest tickets are mostly only available for travel  Tuesdays and Wednesdays for nonstop flights. There are also blackout dates around popular travel times, including Presidents Day and spring break...but if you are flexible, there are some great deals to be had.

Now if you have some reservations, get it...reservations, sorry, I couldn't resist, if you are worried about buying a ticket and having to cancel your trip due to the pandemic or something else comes up...Southwest as well as most other airlines won't give you a refund unless they cancel a flight, but you certainly may be issued a travel credit.

Again, this sale only runs till Thursday (1/7/21) so act fast. Check for the great deals HERE

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