Stephen King is an iconic American author of skin-chilling thriller, supernatural, suspense, and science-fiction novels books.

If you don't know who he is by now, try Google.

Stephen King has been the king of providing us with the scariest thrillers of all time. My personal favorite book is It.

He is also a local Mainer and has lived in Bangor since 1980, according to Road Side America. His Bangor home has been an attraction to all King fans. The outside iron gates of this Bangor estate makes it obvious that he lives there. There are bat-winged creatures and spider detailing on the tall fence.

Fans come from all around the world to stand in front of this epic house to take photos. But now, Stephen, 72, and his wife Tabitha, 70, now live in their second home in Florida for more privacy, according to People. 

And this is why.

It has been approved to turn this historic home into a museum! The museum provides and holds an archive of Stephen Kings work. But, wait, there's more!

According to People, 

Stephen King‘s iconic blood-red mansion will soon become a retreat for some of his biggest fans!

University of Maine held most of his work.

In addition to being a museum, it's also going to serve as a retreat for writers! It will host up to five writers at a time, as the article states. This incredible idea was approved by Bangor City Council. 

The chosen writers will live in a guest house next door that King purchased in 2004, according to CBS, and people will have to schedule appointments to see materials in the archives.
The City of Bangor has welcomed the King family with open arms, as they have been such an incredible asset to the city and have donated so much money to causes in the city. So this is just another magnificent addition from the Kings to Bangor.

If you are interested in finding out more about staying in the Stephen King home, you can read this article or visit his Facebook page here! 

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