One of the greatest things about growing up in New England is being able to take family trips to Story Land amusement park each summer.

The park, which celebrates 70 years in business this summer, is not only the "place where fantasy lives", but also the place where countless family memories have been made.  We all have memories of our first visit to Story Land.

You probably started with a trip on the antique cars and a crawl through the shoe where the old woman lives, but quickly graduated to the Polar Coaster and Roar-O-Saurus.

How great would it be to relive those memories?  Now, you can.

Story Land Nostalgia Nights

For the last few years, Story Land has been doing 'nostalgia nights'.  Several Saturday evenings each summer, they open the park to adults.  It is a chance to relive all those experiences you had as a kid, but without having your kids in tow.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

You can ride the Polar Coaster, get soaked on Doctor Geyser's, and take a spin on the Crazy Barn before having some chicken tenders and fries.  This time, though, you can wash it down with a beer instead of a juice box.

This year, these adult nights will be on July 13, July 27, and August 10.  The events run from 5 PM to 10 PM each night.

Tickets are on sale now.  They always sell out, so don't wait too long to get yours.

As of March 2024, basic passes are $40.  The basic tickets get you into the park, allow you access to photo ops, and give you a chance to check out live music.

The VIP passes are $120 and include everything the basic tickets do, but they also allow you to hop the line on certain rides and allow you to get into the park at 2 PM.  VIP passholders also get a bag of merch.

Get all the details HERE.

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