There’s just something when you look at your dog and they are looking back staring deeply into your eyes it’s like you feel the connection, like you feel the love in the stare.

Well, at least we thought we did.  New research hot off the presses from suggests dogs might not be as into our faces as we are into theirs. Sad, I know.

Research suggests dogs can hold eye contact and even read our emotions by watching and looking at our facial expressions, of course when that information was passed on to us it was before there were tests to confirm whether dogs' brains were wired to prefer faces in the same way as us humans do. Because lets be real. They are not dogs to us ....they are people in dog bodies.

However after reading through all the data Im please to let you know. Our dogs love us no matter how we might look. It’s not the dogs fault after all,  the study revealed that a dogs brain simply doesn't have a specialized area that responds to faces, human or canine. In fact, dogs demonstrate no preference between viewing the back of a human or dog's head versus their face.

So what are we to do? We have all this love and devotion to our beloved canine companions and they could care less about sharing googly eyes with us.

While our dogs brain may not be wired to prefer our faces, research has demonstrated that our furry friends do recognize and even love us, in their own doggy way, in other words, even if they don’t love our face, they may in fact be in love with our scent, or even the sound of our voices.

Phew, atleast I will be able to sleep now. 

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