Maybe I should be less impressed, but this was cool.

Pratt Abbott is Maine's go-to place for dry cleaning. According to an article by GNA Laundry, Pratt Abbott’s family-owned dry cleaning business makes up 60-70% of Maine’s retail dry cleaning market, and generates 38 percent of total company revenue. That's pretty impressive, considering it started as a single store in Portland in the '40s.


If only the original owner Elliot Abbott could see what Pratt Abbott is today. It's all computerized. Now, there IS a human behind the scenes incase something goes completely wrong. But when I went to pick up a pair of pants I dropped off, I had the most fun.

This was wild! I don't know how many of the 12 Southern Maine Pratt Abbotts have this new humanless experience, but I know the one on Route One in Falmouth has gone all futuristic. It went pretty smoothly for me. Beyond not remembering my pin # (last four digits of your phone number), it was flawless.

I even like the fact that when the giant dry cleaning machine talks to you, it's in a woman's voice. A British woman's voice. Although, a Maine started company really should have a woman speaking in a bit of a husky voice and a Maine accent! With maybe her gentleman caller in the background complaining the entire time. I would pay a dollar surcharge on all my dry cleaning to hear the voice say,

Ayuh. Picking up your pants to head to a wicked fancy dinner? Well, they are clean and ready for ya Bub. Have a wicked pissah!

For now, I'll listen to the nice British lady.

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