Maine lobster is the best, but a lot of people don’t like cooking it. Eating it, sure!  But, putting that live lobster in a boiling pot of water makes some people squeamish. In Switzerland they say boiling them alive is inhumane.

A new law in Switzerland says you cannot throw a lobster in boiling water while they are still conscious. So what does that mean? It means before cooking lobster you have to knock them out first.

According to studies there is a suggestion they may feel pain so protections for them have been put in place.

According to another protection for lobster is that they have to be kept in their natural environment and no longer transported in ice or ice water.

The new law doesn't mean taking lobster off the menu. There are methods of killing them which are considered more humane -- and which Swiss chefs might now adopt.

Chefs in Switzerland may adopt using a large, sharp knife, thrust into the right place into the head of the lobster and then cutting down along the midway should kill the lobster very quickly and effectively -- and is probably the most humane way.

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