It’s that time of year when T.V. shows are either ending or are getting cancelled and others are on the bubble which means they could make through to another season or could get the ax this year. Here are some that have gotten the ax:

Sean Saves the World

The Michael J. Fox Show

How I Met Your Mother (this one is ending not cancelled after a long run)

The X Factor is getting cancelled by FOX T.V.


Welcome to the Family

Some shows that are hanging on but things aren’t looking too good:

Almost Human



Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (I think this one has now been cancelled)

The Neighbors

Beauty and the Beast

Here are some shows that have a good chance of returning:

American Idol


The Bachelor and the Bachelorette

The Biggest Loser

Dancing With the Stars

The Goldbergs

Modern Family

Shark Tank

The Middle