It’s a ‘fiver party’ and personally, I think it is a great idea.

A ‘fiver party’ according to Scary Mommy is when your kid is invited to a birthday party and instead of you going out with your kid, shopping for a gift, wrapping and giving that gift.  Your kid gives a five dollar bill. The birthday boy/girl can then pool the fivers to buy ...whatever!

Ok…I guess you can make the case it assumes that your birthday kid is going to get gifts, but let’s be real, if you go a kids birthday party odds are really high your kid will be bringing a gift. Unless specified birthday parties mean gifts will be involved.

Ok…you can make the case this is impersonal. Maybe…but be honest…how deeply personal is that (fill in the blank) you and your child picked up at Target.  I would assume you would put that five dollar bill in a card. Have you kid pick out the card, make a card or have your kid write something heartfelt to their friend. I would call that personal.

Scary Mommy also points out a few other things I had not considered…since all the gifts are the same, it levels the playing on who gave the best or most expensive gift and without the whole process of watching the birthday kid open the gifts the kids can enjoy the experience of the party with friends. Oh and let’s be honest…from a parents point of view this will not only be a time saver and a money saver as well.

Parents, what do you think?

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