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Military Dad Leaves Son '190 Kisses'
Military families deserve so much credit and respect. They often have to move and in times of conflict, families are seperated by deployments. That is tough on both the parents and the children. I saw a story on Country Living dot com about a Military family in Virginia and the great idea a Dad did …
Randy's College Football Bowl Games
College Bowl game on today, it’s the Miami Beach Bowl. BYU at 8-4 takes on Memphis at 9-3. BYU had an up and down season, starting with 4 wins then losing 4 in a row. Memphis finished the season win 6 straight wins and their best season after coming off 4 straight losing seasons.
Saturday's College Bowl Games and the Spread
With the College Bowl games starting this Saturday here are some picks for this weekend and the spreads that have been set. The first game is at 11:00 on ESPN, the New Orleans Bowl. Nevada is a +1 over Louisiana Lafayette, Nevada is expected to cover.
Immigrants in Military Policy Expanded
A new Defense Department policy will allow undocumented immigrants to be part of the U.S. military. It will be a small number of aliens that will be allowed to join the service, and is an expansion on an existing program.
Air Force Says No to New Camo Design
The U.S. Army will adopt a new camouflage pattern next year replacing the current pixilated patterned that came out in 2004. While the Army will have the new camouflage the U.S. Air Force will not. The fly boys decided to keep their tiger-striped pattern.
Local Hero Awarded Bronze Star
Air Force Tech Sgt. Matt Bolduc, from Oakland, ME, is a counterintelligence special agent. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 2001, just two days later on Sept. 11, a terrorist attack on our shores led to the war on terror.