Best Secret Beaches In Maine
This has been a great summer to enjoy the beaches in Maine. Many beaches in the area have been wicked crowded this year and I actually enjoy a somewhat crowded beach, but if you are looking for a beach where the crowds aren't so big, then we have a suggestion for you.
Best Secluded Beaches In Maine
I love the beach! Eventually the weather will warm up enough for beach weather in Maine. When you think beaches in Maine, Old Orchard Beach, Reid State Park and Popham Beach come to mind. However, if you are looking for that quiet beach to relax, Travel and Leisure Magazine came up with their list o…
Know a Little About Australia Before You Visit
So you say you would like to visit Australia some day, ‘down under’ as they say. Maybe you should know something about the country/Continent before you go. Here are some interesting facts about Australia that might/might not get you in good with the locals.
The World’s Most Romantic Islands
This has been one cold week. As I look outside it is a little warmer than is has been and sunny, but still darn chilly. That started me dreaming about being on a beach with a little umbrella drink. I am not picky, any on this list will do. My top picks would be Italy and Greece. What is not to love?