Great Sledding Spots In Maine
I heard the local weatherman hint that we could be getting snow over the Thanksgiving Day holiday. When I was a kid that meant time to get the sled and have some fun. My go to sledding spot when I was growing up in Lewiston was at Davis Mountain at Bates College.
What Are Some Of Maine's Most Underrated Places?
The website Thrillist.com listed the 'Most Underrated Places in Every U.S. State'. The point of their post was to feature a location that might not be as popular as it should be. For example when you think of Maine, the obvious choices are L.L. Bean and Old Orchard Beach. So what did they …
Tell Us Places In Maine That Terrify You
The website onlyinyourstate.com has complied a list of '12 Terrifying Places in Maine'. We aren't talking about places like the DMV or the in-laws house, but places that you would swear are haunted. Let's take a look at their list.