Cancer Comes-A-Calling: Renee’s BF Has Been Diagnosed
I am 48 and it was just over two months ago cancer made itself known in my circle. Not me, my boyfriend. (How is that possible I made it to this age and have known none first hand with cancer? Amazing.) But now, I am getting front right seat to cancer and treatment. So here is how this story starts
Sharon Having Surgery
It's been a long time coming but I've finally decided to take care of myself.
And I'm having mixed emotions.
I know it's the right thing to do but I'm taking away my right to choose...and that makes me conflicted.
Opening Weekend!
Movin' on up! It has been a long time coming, there has been a lot of planning and building and planning, but NOW is the time. The new hospital is opening this weekend!  So, what does this mean to you? Check out the details I found at MaineGeneral's website about the move.
Alfond Center for Heath: Your Radio Tour of This New Facility
Maine General CEO, Chuck Hays came into the studio to give us a ‘radio tour’ of the fancy new hospital. From the beautiful outdoor gardens and walkways (to be used for therapy) to the sofas that fold out into beds so family members can stay with sick loved ones, this place is magnificent! The Alfond…
New Augusta Hospital
The new Maine General Hospital has a new name for the new regional hospital. It will be called the ‘Alfond Center for Health.’ The new name was decided recently by the board of Maine General Health. They wanted to recognize the overall generosity of the Alfond family and founda…