A Funny Tree Seen in the Woods
I have seen a lot of advertisements to 'discover the forest' lately. It is true you can see a lot of wonderful and beautiful things in nature. You can also find some sunny looking things in nature. Take a look at this tree and the way it grew.
Chimps Are Just Plain Mean
It has been thought that interaction with humans contributed to chimpanzees have a mean streak in them. A new study refutes that claim saying chimps are natural born killers and have a mean streak born in them.
See a Scottish Village Overtaken by Foam
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and GAH BUBBLES EVERYWHERE!!!!! If, by some chance, a resident of Footdee, in Aberdeen, Scotland had been quoting Willy Wonka and looked out his window, this is probably what he would've said. The entire town has been covered in foam blown ashore by strong winds from…
Maine Wildlife Park
As the summer season comes to a close and it's not quite time for winter fun in Maine, there are still plenty of great family activities to do. When was the last time your family went to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray? They are open for the season until November 11th.