Popular Midcoast Wedding Venue Closing
According to WABI, Point Lookout Conference Center in Northport will close its doors to the public sometime toward the end of the year.
The venue, which employs approximately 70 people, was originally developed by the MBNA.
According to WABI, it was recently purchased by a couple from Montana...
Icy walk in OOB
I took a jaunt to the beach on this chilly morning and took in the beauty that could have been from a sci-fi movie.
This is One Strange Looking Fish
Here’s something you don’t see every day, a walking fish. A fish that is described as something out a sci-fi horror movie. The ‘walking fish’ has feet, toes and a human looking nose.
Women to Give Birth in the Ocean With Dolphins
A resident of Hawaii, Dorina Rosin, is planning to give birth in the ocean surrounded by dolphins. A British reality show on unique births, will video tape the event for their show called ‘Extraordinary Birth’.

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