Winter And Early Spring Weather Outlook
The Weather Company has just released their temperature and precipitation forecast for December, January, February, March and April. They say a La Nina pattern should hold through the winter months, so what does that mean for Maine?
Coldest States In The United States
It was cold enough to have to scrap my windshield this morning and it's only November 1st. Maine is an awesome state, great state to enjoy the outdoors. However, it is a cold state, but how cold is Maine compared to the rest of the country?
Good news
A number of national weather forecasters are predicting that Maine will see a mild winter again this year.
Weather Experts Say Expect A Hot Summer
As Mainers are waiting for a Nor'easter on the first day of spring, there is hope for fans of beach weather. Weather experts are saying we are transitioning to La Nina conditions and to expect well-above average temperatures for us here in Maine in June, July and August.
It Must Be Spring!
It’s spring! Doesn’t feel like it with the cold and wind but looking at the calendar, it is. Some signs of spring, my left eye and nostril are running with my spring allergies, so it must be spring.