It was cold enough to have to scrap my windshield this morning and it's only November 1st. Maine is an awesome state, great state to enjoy the outdoors. However, it is a cold state, but how cold is Maine compared to the rest of the country?


The average mean temperature, that's the average of the twevle monthly average temperatures for each state, shows that Maine is the 3rd coldest state in the country.

Maine's average mean temperature is 40.97 degrees, only North Dakota (40.43) and Alaska (32.13) have a lower average mean temperature.

Here's how the other New England states ranked.

Vermont 7th coldest (42.86)
New Hampshire 9th coldest (43.80)
Massachusetts 16th coldest (47.86)
Conn. 22nd coldest (49.08)
Rhode Island 24th coldest (50.07)

Hawaii is the warmest state with an average mean temperaure of 71.61 followed by Florida at 70.73.


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