Brake Tools for Drum Brakes
This video I put together is about drum brake tools, not necessarily doing the brakes. I see a lot of people struggling with pliers trying to remove the springs from drum brakes when they don’t have to. These tools in this video make removing and replacing the springs very easy.
Salmon In California Being Trucked to the Ocean
With the server drought in California, salmon are having a hard time migrating to the ocean along the Sacramento River, so they’re being moved by truck. Wildlife officials have a plan to move millions of salmon by tanker truck to the ocean.
Truck With $120,000 of Hershey’s Chocolate Stollen
The search is on in Florida for a truck that was stolen in Deland that contained $120,000 worth of Hershey’s chocolate. Police were called by the truck driver when it came up missing after parking it at a truck center overnight. He said three o’clock Saturday was the …
Pickup Truck Tailgate Thefts Going Up in the U.S.
The theft of pickup truck tailgates is on the rise in the United States and it only takes a thief about 30 seconds to take one.  The replacement cost for most tailgates is $1,000 or more.  The first tailgate thefts were reported in 2006 and by 2012, 1,343 claims were made on stolen tailgat…